Paycheck Stubs

Gone are the days of old when a payroll officer had to sit and write out individual paycheck stubs. In order to make a paystub they had to figure out the amount to deduct for tax purposes and, until computers were widely used, this person had to either write out the information on a blank check stub or use pre-printed fillable pay stubs. Not only was this time consuming, but if the information written down was wrong, it could cause a lot of problems down the road.

Things have changed a lot since those days. Not only are companies now able to use a software program to do the majority of their payroll tasks, but storing the payroll check stubs is much easier thanks to large hard drives and using cloud services. However, change didn't just happen with large companies. Many people now have the need for a check stub template because they have ventured out on their own. There is no ‘payroll department’ for them. They are the President, the Accounting department, the Marketing Department, the Payroll Department, and so on. And now, they have to learn how to make a pay stub on their own.

Although many new entrepreneurs have what it takes to make a good living on their own, there are much more important things they want to do for their new business besides have to become a pay stub creator as well. And that’s where eCheckStub comes in to the rescue. Entrepreneurs, the self employed and even small businesses can simplify things by using our check stub maker. Just input your information and let our handy online calculators do the rest, so you can focus on what’s important to you – your business.

Our Check Stub Templates

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